Diamond Polishing Bricks

They are used to replace Silicon Carbide Bricks.

Our Sintered Diamond Bricks, grits from #30/40, #40/50, #50/60, #70/80, #80/100, #100/120 to #140/200, are designed to initially shape with high stock removal rate for the slab fabrication of granite or marble. The rubber iterlayer make for vibration-proof.

Our high concentration of diamond Resin Bricks from #300, #400,# 500, #800, #1500 to# 3000 made from heavy-duty resin with high quality diamond powder are perfect for polishing granite or marble.

Our BUFF Bricks made of special rubber bond and tin dioxide and other materials make high glossy finish on the slab of granite perfectly. White BUFF is for light color granite and black BUFF for deep color granite.

It is available on request upon a specific drawing of customer in any size.

Customer Logo printed is available on request for volume order.